Storytelling + Marketing + Powerful Fundraising

By Christina Kelley, Director of Integrated Media Fundraising at


Story telling is at the core of all marketing.  Internet marketing, direct marketing, they all include some kind of story.  People want to know why, why should I focus my attention on this cause?  Why should I donate to this organization?


Most of the time, this question is not being asked consciously.  It is our humanity that evaluates the question why and then makes a decision to either say yes or turn away.  The power to capturing attention and loyalty is in the messages being sent.  The power is in the story.


All content created for a marketing campaign tells a story.  The more truthful the story, the more the story speaks to the heart.


When you tell the story of WHY your organization was created, it comes from a place of truth.  That place inside your heart, your experience that caused either you or a group of individuals to take actions and solve a problem.


For example, a friend of mine created, a non profit organization that matches people with a need to people who can help.  He founded because he lives in an area where fires often cause evacuations.  When someone is forced to leave their home as a fire is close by, the state of panic, threaten and worry kicks in.  They often feel as if there are no options and don’t know where to turn for shelter.  My friend is compassionate and empathic, and he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.  He saw a need, and created an algorithm for others who want to help and have resources.  His organization and the algorithm may not speak to the heart.  Perhaps if you saw it, you may just think “its just another organization out there”.  But when you hear the story, it becomes real and hits that place of your heart where you can relate.  Perhaps one time you need help and someone gave to you.  Or maybe you saw a need for someone else and gave something you had to fulfill the need of others, and they were grateful beyond belief.  The story is what lands in the heart of the audience and makes the cause real.


We want to hear from you! What is your story?  What are some ways you convey your story to the public?


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